Does watching Chinese dramas help?

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    Please recommend some good Chinese dramas.

    And I’d like to know how you learn Chinese from them.

    Akash pal

    Of course it does help a lot specially when you watch with subtitles. I have been watching English movies for 3 years. I couldn’t even read very well. But watching English movies will subtitles was so helpful now I can read and speak I used to read subtitles very fast and it took some time but believe me if anyone who wants to learn Chinese language he or she should watch Chinese drama or movies start with basic and try to improve every day and believe me you can learn it it’s a beautiful language


    Yes it helps.

    I recommend shows you enjoyed before and watch them in chinese so you can understand the context easily. Cartoons also help.

    I watched a love so beautifull in chinese on youtube. Shen yue and hu yitian chinese is easy and short because of their relationship.

    Took me 4 hours to translate every sentence in the first episode but after a couple episodes it took me less than 2 hours.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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