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    Fely Añez

    I’ve been learning Mandarin mostly trough sentences and sounds.

    For example I learned 火锅 some days ago.
    I know that 火 is 🔥 (I imagine fire in my mind).
    But I don’t have an idea what 锅 means, so I just learn it means “hot pot/火锅“.

    Like if If put the meaning of 火锅 inside 锅.

    If I learn another meaning for 锅 I will start creating an “image of the meaning”

    看 has a very broad meaning in Chinese.

    In Spanish and English we have “See”, “Look, “Watch” and “Read”.

    In Chinese there are:

    Two different actions, but I try to see the characters and I try to get the “real” Chinese meaning.

    So I understand 看 as “the action of putting your eyes into something and analyze it’s details”

    I see the character 书 and I try imagine this -> 📒

    I mostly can’t remember how to write the characters since I don’t write them very often, but I can recognize them immediately If I see them in a word or a sign

    Something that helps me with languages is to attach the “sound” and “written form” to a “mental image” rather that “a word”.

    Rather than:
    火 -> Fire/Fuego
    水 -> Water/Agua
    晚 -> Night/Noche
    手机 -> Cellphone/Teléfono

    I do it like this:
    火 -> 🔥
    水 -> 💧
    晚 -> 🌃
    手机 -> 📱

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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