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转载 & 翻译 | 包揽一切的YYDS,泯灭了多少汉语表达的丰富滋味

How much richness of Chinese expression has the “universal” YYDS dissolved?

What do these buzzwords have in common? Why have they become an unstoppable linguistic fashion trend? What impacts do they have on Chinese expressions?


When we come to perceive something, we often use the common, obvious, familiar, easy to understand to know the more hidden, unfamiliar, abstract, subtle. We use “the known” to perceive “the unknown”. 

Chinese body metaphors usually take body parts, body structures, functions, shapes, etc. as the source domain and then project them into the target domain, thus forming a metaphor.


Except “yyds”, how can we express “the greatest (G.O.A.T)” to a fuller level?

For an expression to resonate universally and deeply, it needs to be distilled by time and experience.


Linguistic Phenomena in Food Marketing

Perhaps those who are concerned about, even just a little, healthy diet are now looking for products with the word ‘zero’ on the packaging when buying foods. The most popular ones at the moment are “zero cane sugar”, “free of additive”, “zero fat”, “zero calories” and so on. On the packaging of many products, the word “zero” is even highlighted and magnified. The word “zero” is in a large font on the packaging of “Uno”.

This is the new meaning, carrying with the colour of this new “Public Health” age, of “zero” in the field of food products.

Chinese American, African American对应的中文有最标准的吗?

I realized that I (we) tend to have a vague understanding of such terms involving transnational/multicultural identities. Since most of the time the context doesn’t allow misunderstand, we don’t distinguish such terms.


现代人上课上班现状 – 词语篇

《发展汉语 中级口语(1)》第11课名为“学习与考试”。这次我们再聊几个这一话题下的新词语。它们分别是“学霸”、“躺平”、“水”以及与之相关的“摸鱼/划水”。


It matters that we should not equal ‘内卷’ with ‘竞争’. ‘内卷’ is just a kind of vicious and destructive competition, of which the result can only be a vicious circle. While a lot of ‘竞争’ can be good and benign as they’re for common progress and growth. Here’s one way to understand how ‘内卷’ got today’s meaning: All the people are drawn into (被卷入) a closed competition whirlpool, where everyone is painful and unable to do whatever he or she wants.